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Enlist in General Washington’s army and ascend the ranks from Civilian to General as you engage in hands-on activities, simulations, book discussions, essays, presentations and more!   By meeting certain milestones, you will earn pieces from a beautiful calligraphy set, as you learn how to become an Author of Liberty in your own life.

With over 140 pages, this beautifully designed manual can be printed in color (recommended) or black-and-white.  The clear and easy-to-follow instructions, graphic designs and plethora of teacher recourses, make this curriculum a breeze to implement in the classroom.  Even those with little background in U.S. history will be able to teach this course with confidence.

General Information:

  • Full year (33 week course,  +/-)
  • Practice scholar (12-16yrs old, +/-)
  • American History from the War of Independence to 1913
  • Hands-on activities, simulations, essays, geography, service projects, student presentations, book discussions, art projects, science, and MORE!

(See gallery photos for sample pages from this manual.  Be sure to visit the Authors of Liberty Student Manuals to view gallery photos of those pages as well.)

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The Authors of Liberty course is designed to educate students in the true principles of freedom, awaken conscious living within them, and encourage purposeful decision making so they can more deliberately and effectively become “Authors of Liberty” in their own lives. Individuals who are thus educated, awakened and purposefully living can influence the world for the better, just as our Founding Fathers and Mothers did in this “one nation under God.”

Through this course, students will “enlist” in General Washington’s army as they wend their way through U.S. history from the War of Independence up to the early 1900’s. Along the way, students, or should we say soldiers, may ascend the ranks from Civilian all the way up to General by accomplishing certain “military duties” and “missions.” As they ascend the ranks in the army, they may earn pieces from a beautiful feather quill calligraphy set, which represents their becoming Authors of Liberty themselves.

Weaving together stories from Authors of Liberty of the past into the tapestry of their own lives, students will emerge from this course with insight as to where they fit into the cloth of this free nation. Join us on this quest of strengthening the cloth of personal and societal liberty and becoming an Author of Liberty in your own rite. 

Authors of Liberty is a 33-week course broken up into two semesters.  Semester 1 is 13 weeks with Semester 2 being 20 weeks.  The curriculum is designed for teaching once-a-week for two hours.  The weekly class may also be condensed into one-and-a-half hours or broken into thirty-minute segments for teaching over multiple days in a week.  This course is aligned with California State Standard requirements for 8th grade U.S. history and corresponds with many high school level U.S. government and history requirements as well.  There is enough content to stretch the curriculum out to meet longer than 33 weeks.  Additionally, it is malleable enough to condense into less than 33 weeks if needed.  

The course is geared toward teaching U.S. History (War of Independence up to 1913) to twelve to sixteen-year-olds in a group setting. Six to twenty students is the ideal number to work with in this course, although more or less than that range can be accommodated. 

(See gallery photos for sample pages of the Authors of Liberty Teacher’s Manual.  Also pictured is the calligraphy set students will be working to earn pieces from as they ascend the ranks in General Washington’s Army.)

Note: The Supplementary Reading Materials book and the U.S. Constitution Journal are all needed for teaching this 1 year course.

RECOMMENDED: Purchase the Authors of Liberty Teacher Bundle which includes all 3 books needed for the course at a discounted price.  The Teacher Bundle includes:

(1) Authors of Liberty Teacher’s Manual

(2) Authors of Liberty Supplementary Reading Materials

(3) U.S. Constitution Journal 

Additional Resources: Authors of Liberty Supplementary Teaching Resources

This resource includes:

  • Detailed book discussion questions for each book
  • Google Slide presentations for selected lectures and activities
  • U.S. Constitution & Declaration of Independence videos created by Brooklynn McClure explaining each article and section of the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence
  • Kahoot! quizzes corresponding to each article and section of the U.S. Constitution
  • Additional reproducibles, class activities and lecture notes and resources

*Only one download per person. One manual must be purchased per student and/or mentor taking/teaching the course.  Sharing downloads is strictly prohibited.  Any copying of the material, unless expressly permitted by the author in writing, is not permitted.

View a FREE sample of this course at:  Enter code: zpyrjpx


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